What is royalty free music?

“Royalty-free music is a legal option for using music in projects without having to pay ongoing fees. This option involves a one-time license fee that is generally higher than music with royalty fees. However, this is a convenient and efficient way to use music while protecting you from potential copyright issues. In addition, you have the opportunity to profit from projects that incorporate royalty-free music. Consider using royalty-free music as a cost-effective and risk-free solution for your audio needs.”

Is royalty free music the same as copyright free?

Copyright-free music means music that you can use without asking permission from the person who made it. But this doesn’t happen often because creators usually automatically own the rights to their creations. Royalty-free music is music that you need a license to use, but once you have it you can use it without worrying about getting in trouble. People are starting to like this way of using music more because it means they don’t have to pay royalties often.

How can I use your royalty free music?

Our website is a good place to buy and download relaxing background music. You can find it on our Shop page. After you pay, you can download it straight away. We will also send you an email with a link to download a license. This shows that you have permission to use our music. It’s important to keep this invoice and license as proof that you own the music. We always try to make our customers happy by providing good service. Thank you for choosing our website for your music!

How often can I use the music I purchased?

We just wanted to tell you that you can use the music we gave you in as many guided meditation or hypnosis sessions as you want. Just remember not to share it as a standalone music track with anyone else. You can use it in your sessions with clients or in the background of your audio recordings.

Is your music free?

Our collection showcases a wide variety of music at an affordable price, which we believe you will find appealing. As a bonus, we offer 4 free songs for those who are new to Restful Mind, as an opportunity to get to know our style better. Thank you for your interest in our music.

Can you create exclusive music for my project?

Yes, here you will find more information about exclusive composing for projects. Contact Maura ten Hoopen with information about the project and your desires and we can discuss the options.