Maura ten Hoopen

Maura ten Hoopen, composer of royalty free meditation music and founder of Restful Mind.

Composer & Music Producer

Meet Maura ten Hoopen, an allround music producer, graduated at the famous music school in the Netherlands: the Herman Brood Academy. She has experience in may genres, such as relaxation music, Pop, EDM, music for films & games. 

Maura's Story

Relaxing Music

Maura has always been pulled towards relaxing music specially during her own moments of meditation She decided to try and create relaxing music herself and share it on the meditation app Insighttimer Guess what happened? People really enjoyed her music, so she decided to find a way to share her music with meditation teachers and hypnotherapists, so they can use her royalty-free music in their guided meditation or other creations. This is how her own company ‘Restful Mind’ was created.

Films, Games & Media Music

Maura received numerous heartwarming reactions to her music at the ‘Insighttimer’ app. Inspired by the positive feedback, she decided to create so that others can use her music in their projects. We are grateful for your support and for using her music. If you would like to know more about Maura & Restful Mind, check out our Instagram page. Thank you again for being a part of our community!

EDM Music

Maura studied ‘electronic dance music production’ in Utrecht at the ‘Herman Brood Academy’. This is where she fell in love with electronic music and using these influences in all of her music. During this time she has done many collaborations with interesting names in the industry, many times not just as a producer, but also as a singer. She performed on stages, entered contests where she got to the finals or even became a winner, and she used to work as a DJ in the weekends. All this love for EDM music has been put in her songs that she releases under the alias ‘Maura Hope’.