9 Solfeggio Frequencies Preview


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9 Solfeggio Frequencies


9 Solfeggio Frequencies Pure Tones All 60 min.

These solfeggio frequencies are believed to have different benefits.

174 Hz: Alleviate pain and stress & improve concentration

285 Hz: Heal and restore tissue

396 Hz: Eliminate guilt, negative beliefs, and subconscious fears

417 Hz: Healing of trauma

528 Hz: Positive effect on sleep and wellness, state of serenity

639 Hz: Mental balance and harmonious relationships

714 Hz: Creativity and self-expression

852 Hz: Relieving nervousness and anxiety

963 Hz: Awakening intuition and providing clarity

After purchase

If the download doesn’t start automatically: right-click file -> save file as

You will be able to download a ZIP file, including an MP3 and WAV file. Make sure the listener uses headphones for a better result.

Credit the composer

“Music by Maura ten Hoopen. Licensed from restfulmind.com”